To apply for water service please print and fill out the application and submit with the application fee of $6,000.00 to our office at 310 Fir Street, Bennet, NE 68317.  Our District Engineer will analyze the capacity conditions and determine your qualification for water service.

 >>>> Water Application <<<<

You will also need an easement form when submitting application, this needs to have the legal description of the property, signed by all owners and must be notarized.

 Lancaster County >>>> Easement.Lanc

Otoe County >>>> Easement.Otoe

Please print easement form on legal size paper, there must be 3″ header empty space at the top of form.


Transfer of Water Service

Please let the District office know when you are moving!

We need to know the following information:

*  Date of closing for final reading of your meter

*  Forwarding address for final bill

*  Name of Title Company to forward Transfer Papers

>>>> Transfer.Buyer <<<<       >>>> Transfer.Seller <<<<

 Automatic Payment Form 


If you would like to sign up for this free and convenient service please print and fill out form and submit to our office.  Automatic withdrawals can be made through your checking/savings account.  This transaction automatically occurs on the 10th of each month.

We also accept Credit/Debit cards.  We can also process this monthly on the 10th or pay by phone any time.  Beginning January 1, 2016 there will be a 4% per transaction fee in addition to your bill to use a Credit/Debit card.  You may use the ACH form above if you wish to sign up through your card.