We strive everyday to provide our customers with safe, clean water.  The Water District does not treat the water.  We are not required to do as there are no contaminants in the water.  We are also committed in providing you with quality water.  Please be aware of Cross Contamination and Backflow Prevention.  Help us make sure that no contaminants make it back into the water system.  You can read more on this in any of our Newsletters where you will also find our Annual Quality Water Reports that shows our test results through the State of Nebraska.

To help lower the hardness levels, you may have a water softener or maybe you’re looking into purchasing one.  The District has a 13 parameter test that we conduct every couple of years to determine the levels of minerals and deposits that you need to set your water softener to.  The total hardness level on our last report shows 25.38 grains per gallon.  Click here >>>13parameter<<< to see the other results of the tests.


Know where your meter pit is and inspect it once in awhile.  Make sure the meter pit LID is on and secure.  This will help meters from freezing during the cold months and keep out pests during the summer months.  Please keep landscaping and debris away from the water meter pit.  We must be able to access it at any time.  If you notice anything damaged please notify our office right away!  Thank you for your cooperation!



       Only water your yard 2-3 days a week.

Water either in the morning or late evening to avoid evaporation during hot days.

Use mulch around plants and trees to keep moisture in.

Collect rain water in a barrel to use for watering plants and trees.

Use a broom to sweep and clean off sidewalks and driveways instead of using the hose.

Check all indoor and outdoor faucets, appliances, hoses and plumbing for any leaks and fix immediately.

Replace appliance and toilets with energy efficient fixtures.  Also tax deductible!

You can find many more tips at

Be water smart every drop counts!